National Geographic Weekend Photography Workshop: New York City

Sep 22 – 25, 2011 / Oct 20 – 23, 2011

Brimming with towering skyscrapers, historic parks, vibrant ethnic enclaves, and the colorful bustle of street life, New York City presents photographers with an endless array of subjects. Capture the diverse architecture of fabled Fifth Avenue and the sights of Central Park, and complete a portrait assignment in the lively neighborhoods of Chinatown or Little Italy. Photograph the sunset from the top of Rockefeller Center and the early morning light on the Brooklyn Bridge.

These workshops—each led by a National Geographic photographer and a professional instructor—are designed for amateurs who are interested in improving their digital photography. All participants must bring a digital SLR camera, a laptop computer, and software for organizing and presenting images. Each weekend workshop is limited to 25 students.

For more information please go here.


1 thought on “National Geographic Weekend Photography Workshop: New York City

  1. National Geographic has been documenting wildlife and nature for over 100 years, and in the last 50 or so of those years they have been making some of the most respected documentaries in the world, covering everything from wildlife to space to trees and everything in between.

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