Working with the new Panasonic GH3


This summer Panasonic asked me to test their new mirrorless, micro four thirds camera, the GH3. I took this opportunity to shoot in southern Utah, one of my favorite places. You can follow my adventures with this great camera. I am told it will be available in December.


3 thoughts on “Working with the new Panasonic GH3

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  2. Ira,

    I watched your B&H presentation on the GH3 in Utah. Although the photo colors and dynamic range appeared to be very good, I was not impressed with the clarity of the images. Maybe it was a factor of projecting your images on a screen at B&H that was videod by another camera and then displayed on my computer at home. Or, maybe the images are not as sharp as an equivalently priced Nikon or Canon lens would produce. What do you think? I am considering buying the GH3 with the new f2.8 lenses or the new Nikon D7100 with similar Nikon lenses.

    I enjoyed your presentation. Thank you.

    • Jack
      The clarity of the images are really good, every projection device has an effect on colors and clarity. And if we are watching it through a video it is another layer that can effect details. I really like the two fixed f/2.8 zooms. If you look on my facebook page there is a photo of a Thai dancer shot wide open at f 2.8 with the 35-100mm lens at 100mm (200mm full frame equivalent). The ISO was 320 and she was moving, the photo is super sharp and clear!

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